[advisor_text_video style=”style2″ text_color=”#364c9c” button_bg_color=”#364c9c” button_hover_bg_color=”#55adf4″ background=”bg-blue” show=”image” heading=”Cool-West-Africa” text1=”We specialize in the Sale, Design / Installation, Servicing / Maintenance of Cassette, Split, Window and Central Air-conditioners, Liquid Chillers, Ice Plant and Cold Room Construction. Representing most of the world’s household brands, we also provide household appliances such as fridges, kitchen appliances and furniture. We are a major player in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry in Ghana.” button_text=”Read More” button_link=”#” image_id=”896″ tagline=”Welcome to”]
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[advisor_icons_grid text_color=”#000000″ style=”style2″ heading=”WHAT WE DO”][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”Air Conditoners” icon_text=”We supply, install and service your air conditioners for optimum experience. Our supplies are the world’s highest quality brands. Think temperature, think Cool-West-Africa.”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”Refrigeration” icon_text=”Covering a wide range of applications within the refrigeration industry, we have solutions for home, office or industrial refrigeration. Skills and experience are what our professionals come with”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”Sanitary Systems” icon_text=”Do you love sanitary? Get an experience that will last a lifetime. We offer a whole range of sanitary solutions for your home or office from a wide range of world acclaimed top-notch sanitary brands”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_button_bg_color=”#1e73be” icon_button_hover_bg_color=”#172aa8″ icon_heading=”Ventilation” icon_text=”We design HVAC systems and install the necessary components to keep your home or office cool & enjoying. Think comfort, think Cool-West-Africa”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”Woodwork” icon_text=”Our Woodwork department produces beautifully crafted furniture for home and office such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, counters and interior finishings”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”Bathroom” icon_text=”Whether you have a new home, or need a total makeover for your bathroom, we have a range of bathroom supplies to satisfy your quest for quality bathroom equipment”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”BMS” icon_text=”Our Business Management Systems department will install computer-based control system installed in your buildings to control and monitor your mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”Security & Fire Safety” icon_text=”For safety procedures, access controls, fire escapes, and safety mechanisms are important for evacuation in emergencies. Cool-West-Africa will set these up with a monitoring system and maintain them for optimum safety of your building in case of an emergency”][/grid_icon][grid_icon style=”style3″ style3_icon=”icon-box2″ icon_text_color=”#364c9c” icon_heading=”Our Footprint” icon_text=”Cool-West-Africa has outlets in vantage positions in the country. We are ready to deliver to you our range of professional services once you give us a call. We have footprints in Tarkwa, Takoradi, Kumasi and Greater Accra”][/grid_icon][/advisor_icons_grid]
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